In order to make sure I meet all your requirements, please read through these answers to frequently asked questions. To get onto my calender, please forward me your topic, source requirements, length and due date and make payment. Thanks in advance for the work opportunity. I take writing very seriously because I make a living writing papers from scratch. I want to do grade A work so you come back as a repeat customer! - Heather

How much do you charge?

I charge $15 per page for simple papers, but I do charge extra for rush jobs, heavy research or lots of required reading. Each page has at least 300 words on it, which meets most teacher’s requirements. I make sure it is a complete page using a double space and a 12 point font. If you request a 10 page paper, it will be 10 x 300 word pages.

How can I be sure you will actually send the paper?
I make a living doing this work so I want to please my customers. The majority of my work comes from repeat students, so I always deliver my best work in hopes of getting additional papers from you in the future.

How can you ensure that the paper I receive is not plagiarized?
I hand-write all of the “example” essays that I write, guaranteeing that plagiarism detection software will not detect problems. Since I write the paper from scratch, it is no different than if you did it yourself. I create your paper using as many sources as your require. I do check books out from the public library to use as sources. Your paper will be one-of-a-kind, just as if you wrote it yourself. Hiring an individual rather than one of the big “paper mills” online will guarantee that your paper is unique. Furthermore, you can download the software for free to check your own paper, just like teachers do:

Why do I have to pre-pay?
I commit a lot of time to writing your paper and can spend hours, even days, on an assignment to make it perfect. Once the paper is received by the buyer, they could use it and never pay for the service, which is very unfair. My time is valuable and I take writing very seriously. If your paper does not meet your guidelines/requirements, I will gladly refund you. I believe that the burden of risk should be on the student and not on the person who is completing the work in their free time.

Can I see samples of your writing?
Yes. Please email me for small samples of my writing. While I can’t give you full papers (for obvious reasons), I am happy to give you a paragraph from my last three papers completed. 


3) EXPRESSPAY at all Wal-Marts, ACE Cash Express and Duane Reade stores
4) PAYPAL is accepted for online classes only for students that I have built a relationship with. Writing academic papers actually violates Paypal’s terms of use, so we must use specific measures in order to comply with their rules. You can contact me for more information and an explanation of why this is.
INSTANT PAYMENTS FOR PAPERS DUE WITHIN 24 HOURS: For papers that are due within 24 hours, you must choose an instant payment. These would include ExpressPay (#3 above) or any of the options found below.

If none of these options work out, there are other negotiable options for payment that are possible. I don’t prefer these methods but I could possibly accept WESTERN UNION, Amazon gift cards or other online payment systems.

Thanks in advance. I look forward to working with you!

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